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Diagnose problems and issues with your Sony Vaio using the Sony Vaio PCG 161L Troubleshooting page.

Identification and Background

The Sony Vaio PCG-161L shipped with a Mobile Pentium 233MHz single-core processor, 64 MB of RAM of SDRAM type and hard disk of 3.2 GB. It has keyboard and pointing stick which is in the middle of the keyboard. Also, this model does not have built-in Wi-Fi, but you can buy a removable Wi-Fi card to get access to the internet. The weight is one of the best things about this model which is around 2kg. It was rare to find a notebook or a laptop as light as this model in 1999. It has a 0.27MP reversible webcam which contains a mechanization to zoom in and out. Also, this model had the best battery life compared to its competitors.

Around 1998, Sony launched a new ultraportable subnotebook series called Sony Vaio PCG. Sony created Vaio PCG-161L as a “picture book” notebook.

Additional Information

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