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Donating Devices to iFixit

Our goal at iFixit is simple: to provide manuals for fixing every device in the world. Why? We believe that if you can't fix it, you don't own it. Yet, even if our in-house team of writers spent the next hundred years creating repair manuals for devices, we'd only hit the tip of the iceberg. There are so many electronics, vehicles, and appliances out there; it's not possible for the iFixit team to write repair manuals for them all.

University Technical Writing Program

That's why we've enlisted some help from technical writing students around the country. It's a triple-win: college students hone their technical writing skills; people around the world gain a comprehensive set of repair guides; and more devices are kept out of the landfills.

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A student takes off the LCD from a Samsung cell phone.

Device Donations

We're relying on user-submitted devices to supplement our shortage. We welcome any cell phones, digital cameras, laptops, or tablets that are sent to us. Any device that's sent will be placed in the queue to have a team of students create repair guides for it.

We kindly ask that the device doesn't already have guides (a quick search on our site for the device's name can easily confirm this), that it's intact, and manufactured after 2005. In fact, we set up a device wish list for our most-requested devices. The devices don't have to be functional, and they don't have to be in perfect shape -- just fully intact.

How Can I Help?

Grab your device and some packing materials; fill out this form and get the device packed up. We'll email you a packing slip that you can put on the package. Once we receive the device, we'll ensure it gets into the hands of a student, and outfit them with the tools they need to successfully complete the project!

Once your device is used for guides, we'll either retain it for future guide improvements (in case changes need to be made) or properly recycle it on our own dime. You'll never have to worry about sending it to a landfill. That's our promise for your generous contribution.

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