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13" aluminum unibody, 2.0 or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor.

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Help upgrading hard drive and transferring from Time Machine

I have a Late 2008 Macbook 2.4 GHz with a 250 GB drive. I am considering upgrading to a 750 GB Seagate Hybrid drive from iFixit. I have everything backed up on an external hard drive with Time Machine and I am running Lion.

My question is what the easiest process is to transfer everything from my Time Machine backup on the external hard drive to the newly installed Seagate drive.

Will all my programs and system prefs be transferred also?

Thanks so much.

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Yes, you can restore your files from your Time Capsule backup but it will take quite a lot of time as long as you have a complete backup.

Frankly, a much faster way is to get an external FireWire case to put your new hard drive into then use the migration tools to copy all of your files over to the new hard disk. Then using system prefs to set the new HD as your start up check to make sure it boots your system. Then swap your drives over.

Using this method gives you a an exact copy of what you currently have.

Don't get me wrong here, using a Time Capsule (or other NAS) with Time Machine backup software is a very good idea so you can recover a set of files or your HD bites the dust. But, it compresses the files and uses a slower means of connection so it takes more time to recover an entire HD that using Migration with a FireWire connection when you still have a good disk and just enlarging your storage.

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Thanks a lot for your response. Unfortunately, I don't have a FireWire port on my computer. Could I use Migration Assistant to transfer everything to the new hard drive via an external USB hard drive case? Will the 750 GB Seagate Hybrid Drive from iFixit need to be formatted first, or can I just plug it in with a case and start Migration Assistant?


Delgainnotti - Is your Fire Wire port bad on your system? Your system has a Fire Wire port.

Yes, you could use a USB connection if you must, but, it will be very slow. Best to get a Fire Wire external case to pop in which ever drive you decide to go with.

Even if the drive is formatted you might end up needing to do it again if you partition the drive. I tend to split my drives up to two volumes the first smaller with enough room for the OS and the Apps I plan to run with some spare space. Then, I setup a second partition to hold all of my data. That way I can backup the data alone from my OS & Apps. It also makes defraging must easier.

And yes, you would just run migration assistant to move your files over.


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