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How to fix a broken screen on MacBook Air mid 2012?


I have cracked the screen on the MacBook Air and how can I fix it? Or will it be cheaper to buy a new one?

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Could I take it apple to be fixed or still cheaper to get replaced - even with education discounts?


Sure you can bring it to an Apple Store or ship it to them for repairs. As to being cheaper than doing it your self, not likely. Does Apple give educational discounts on repairs - I haven't heard of them doing this. They do offer AppleCare which if you have it would have covered the cost (or given you a discount on the repairs). It's one thing I do recommend people take out with Apple iPhones, iPads, & laptops as you never know when someone wants to check out the effects of gravity on your device.


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Yes you can replace the display assembly. Here's the iFixIt guide on doing it Installing New MacBook Air Display.

It will still be cheaper than a new system assuming nothing else is broken. I would double check things just to make sure.

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