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Can I replace internal DVD drive with a BLU-RAY drive?

Hi, I have a MacBook Pro 2012 15". Can I replace internal DVD drive with a BLU-RAY drive?

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Yes, some people have managed to do it. If seeing is believing heres a YouTube with the details: Internal Drive Swap: Play Blu-Ray discs directly in a MacBook Pro

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You can connect an external blu-ray drive through USB plug to replace the internal super drive. The Blu-ray drive can deal with Blu-ray, DVD and CD. While if you wanna play Blu-ray disc with it, you have to install another Blu-ray player software. Quick Time can't play.

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Devin many of these Blu-ray drives come with the needed software and there are quite a few available both in the App store: KPlayer and there's even a burner app Blu-ray Creator and more on the web.


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Yes its the best way to enjoy Blu-rays with my Mac as only Blu-ray drive can play it ,DVD player can't. Also need a Blu-ray player software , there are many products on the market:

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