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keyboard wet with water and soap

I was cleanning my keyboard with some water with soap, applying it with a small brush, not a big quantity of water, and my computer works perfectly fine, but next day I start my computer and the numerical keys wasn't working right, so I imagine that maybe some water was making a short circuit because when I push a number it appears a symbol or something like that (example push 4 appears 4+); i put it under the sun for a few moments, and then turn it on again, and it works perfectly, but then start to have the same problem, is there any solution that can help me?

thank you very much for your support.

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Never put any liquid directly on any part of the computer. You can use a damp cloth. You've destroyed the circuit board that makes the keyboard work.

These can not be repaired - only replaced. The keyboard is integral to the top case so you have to replace the entire top case.

Study the guide (not just read it) for this before you start. Often DIYers tear connectors off the logic board destroying it because they didn't unlock cams OR pull in the wrong direction. Obtain the proper tools (every job is easier when you use the right tools).

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