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Released July 12, 2002. Identified by model number K45SSWH.

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How can I adjust the height of the beater?

The beater head of my mixer is being damaged from being too low! Can I adjust the height to add clearance between the bowl and the beater head?

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Adjusting your beater head height is a relatively simple adjustment to a very important problem. Having the improper height of a beater head can damage not only your beater head but your bowl and the motor of your KitchenAid Classic Mixer. Check out our guide on adjusting the beater head height!

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You did not answer the question,! You pompously stated it was easy as if your the master! Then said to her get off your lazy butt and look for it in the guide.. that's not helpful ! Why would anybody want help like that?

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The question was answered. It said "Check out our guide on adjusting the beater head height!"

Your answer is the offensive one.

There was no mention that the OP had to do what you suggested that the person above who answered said that they had to do.

If the OP clicked on the ifixit device avatar in the top right of this page they would have found the ifixit Ajuster le réglage de la tête du batteur du robot pâtissier KitchenAid Classic K45SSWH guide



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