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Processeur quad-core Intel Core i7 à 2,4 GHz, 2,7 GHz ou 2,8 GHz (Turbo Boost jusqu'à 3,8 GHz) avec 6 Mo de cache L3 partagé.

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Why is my keyboard acting so strangely?

Hi all,

I'm having a very odd problem with my keyboard on my Macbook Pro Retina Early 2013.

The best way I can describe the problem is that a bulk majority of the keys do not work or respond. However, after giving the computer 5-10 minutes the keys gradually become completely functional. While there are some letters/glyphs that occasionally give me trouble during the first few minutes, they are not confined to a certain area within the keyboard and the problematic keys are never the same.

Any thoughts what could be going on? There's been no accidental damage to the machine and unfortunately I'm about three months out of warranty. Any thoughts on why it might be doing this? It's quite strange.

To give a better idea of the problem, here is an image of me trying to type the same few short sentences over and over again while the computer begins to work again. First sentence is the sentence I'm typing, free of errors.

Block Image

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I suspect the battery is swelling causing pressure from below.

I would bring the system into an Apple store as they did have a recall on some systems due to a bad set of batteries.

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Thanks Dan, I'll give this a shot. Just seems so odd that it gets better as I type more and more.


The pressure will change as you use the system as the chemical reaction will re-absorb the gas.


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