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LCD Screen backlight troubles

I have the same problem here. After reading lots of post saying that the problem is on the inverter cable or the inverter board but after replacing them the problem persisted.

Can anyone please give me a hand on this one coz I have no other chance to fix my laptop.

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What are the last four digits of your computers serial number? that will help us to properly identify your computers hardware. Have you tried an external monitor to verify that your GPU etc. works?


Hi oldturkey03

Thx for the feedback. My mac's serial number is W88240540P2. It's a black Macbook from early 2007 and yes, I have it connected to an external monitor so I can use it and everything is good except the screen light. It doesn't work but when I reduce the brightness to the minimum and increase it the screen flashes. Just like lots of other reports on the web about the same issue.

I bought a new inverter cable and inverter board from Amazon and changed it. The screen worked for one hour and then it went back to black and never worked again.

Can it be from the quality of the pieces I bought or is the problem somewhere else?

I kindly ask for assistance because I need my mac back!!!


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Send the inverter part back and get one with warranty. Here's the correct part: MacBook Display Inverter

Image MacBook Display Inverter


MacBook Display Inverter


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Ok so I'll buy A new inverter board from here and I'll update news. I just hope the problem effectively is on the inverter board! Thx And see you soon ;)


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