Having strange screen reaction when not logged in


I have it on the locked mode only, isn't it weird?



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What do you mean by locked mode??


Locked as in when is asking for password...

Ex: Ctrl+Shift+Eject and it's locked, what would you call it?


OK, most people call it the logon screen (no user account active, system running). So you have a screen thats also distorted like the OP does? The fact you are on the Logon screen Vs a given user account doesn't really matter as the system doesn't know the difference. It just paints the display with what the CPU tells it.


Nop, I mean locked because my Mac is running a logged account.. :)

So not that real what you said there I think, because I have exactly the same background, and it only flickers when I "lock it".

I tried a few PRAM and NVRAM resets and it was better but it keeps doing it time to time.


OK, I think you have a hardware password set then (no need to login to a user account). When you mean flicker its the intensity Vs distortion correct?


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