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Also known as EOS 600D and released in March 2011, this camera can be identified by its SKU (SKU:5169BO32). This camera is a Canon Digital SLR with 18 megapixels.

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Flash lens burned out, how do I fix it?

The built in flash rises up but the light does not turn on.

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If the camera battery is dying or faulty, it can cause problems with your flash. Remove your camera battery and charge it fully. If the problem persists, you might need to replace your battery. If your flash is burned out, you will need to replace it. Check out this troubleshooting page for more information.

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No reply on HOW to fix it.


Hi @eyecue ,

If you click on the troubleshooting link above and then scroll down to the flash burned out section on the page there is a link to a guide that shows how to dis-assemble the camera so that access the flash bulb is possible so that it can be replaced. There are also some useful comments at the bottom of the guide.

Here's a direct link

Remplacement du boîtier supérieur du Canon EOS Rebel T3i


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