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Will only occasionally start, screen becomes distorted by display tilt

The other day my MacBook screen went all pixel crazy as in the video link below. It then crashed. When it tried to restart the fan would start and then stop as the laptop crashed each time it tried to boot. The screen remained black.

I have managed to start in safe mode but shortly after managing to log on the laptop screen went crazy and crashed. I can sporratically get it to light up the screen / start internet recovery, but as soon as the screen goes all crazy the laptop screen is unresponsive to the keyboard.

Thank you in advance for any help!

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From your video I would say the display cable is bad.

By chance did you get your system wet? Pop off the bottom cover and inspect the display cable connection. Do you see any corrosion?

Are you up to fixing your own system here? Review this IFIXIT guide: MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2012 Logic. Follow the steps down to Step4 then jump down to Step15 and stop there. How does the conector and cable look? Post a good detailed image of the cable end and board connector for us to see in your question.

Update (10/13/2015)

To clean the board and the connector you'll need a soft toothbrush and some high grade Isopropyl alcohol. You'll also need some cotton swabs (Q-Tips) to help remove the dirty alcohol from the area.

Scrub softly as you don't want to lift the contacts to other nearby components. You should go with the grain the the pins. Blot up the dirty alcohol and rinse the area with some added alcohol and blot it up with the cotton swabs.

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Thanks for your swift response! I am up to fixing this myself. There's a bit of white powder where the display cable goes under the display. Is this the cable you mean? See images at

Thanks again! Much appreciated


The powder is corrosion the pins of the connector to the logic board need to be cleaned hopefully thats all you'll need. Can you take the connector apart (after disconnecting the battery) and take a good set of snapshots of the two ends so we can see if the cable as well as the mating surface of the board connector are OK.


So the corrosion if it is corrosion is on the end of the display, not the motherboard. I've taken apart the laptop to take better pictures. Would you mind taking another look? Thanks, David


Did you do some cleaning? All I see is dust & dander. A soft paint brush to help loosen the junk (being careful not to pull any components off) ands a can of can'ed air to push the junk off.


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