How to fix front screen display

My nook said it did not have enough power to turn on so I plugged it in and the screen " shattered" into sections where it showed different colours and some text. ( the glass was not broken) I am not rough with my nook and would like it fixed without poking around inside as I may break it more. Please help as I my nook is still quite new! Only eight months old and I would like a lo more use out of it!

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Check your warranty is valid and get it serviced under warranty.


How can I check my warranty? ( sorry to be unhelpful!)


Hi Sophie,

Do you have the purchase receipt from where you bought it or a credit card statement which shows where you bought it? Both items have the date of purchase on them. Most manufacturers give a warranty on their products which guarantee them from defects or problems (as long as they are not caused by the buyer) usually for a specified period, mostly 12 months from the date of purchase. The documentation that came with your tablet (normally the User Guide) should tell you what the manufacturers warranty period and conditions are. Here is a link which explains how to make a warranty claim. Read it carefully and make sure that you understand what it says regarding what you have to do, what you MAY be liable for if they decide that it is YOUR problem(I don't think that they should, it's just so that you are aware of everything that could happen) and what they will do regarding your claim.

Hopefully this has been of some help.


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