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Processeur dual-core Intel Core i5 2,6 GHz (Turbo Boost jusqu'à 3,2 GHz) avec 3 Mo de cache L3 partagé. Commercialisé le 13 février 2013.

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Vertical Band on display MacBook Pro retina 13


i've big problem on my macbook pro retina 13 early 2013 A1425

i've big band vertical transparent (change light if i pass white image on it) same as photo.

what is the problem of my mac ?

i want to say if it is LCD problem or Graphic Card or another elements of the logic board... please help me to solve.. thank to everyone !

my test:

1- external monitor HDMI = Perfect

2- External monitor thunderbolt to HDMI = Perfect

3- Reset SMC etc.. = nothing results

Additional Notes:

this band transparent I have on display holds imprinted the images that pass over it, (burning effect) if such hold open a document in full screen, remain engraved the words, and also noted that on the white background of safari also sort of blinking.

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Problem solved! Display bad, new display mac same as new


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This looks like a damaged board at he bottom of the display to me. Since external monitor works this confines it to the display.

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By external hdmi (and thunderbolt to hdmi) the macbook work perfectly!

Do u think that with new display i'll solve my problem? Many thanks!


See Dan's excellent answer on this issue: Grey strip on the screen


I do not think (hope) is the logic board, as in the gray stripe colors are a range of different and also remain engraved images (burn image effect, i think if the problem is the gpu or in general logic board i've a flat gray stripe on the screen without burning-effect or different gamma color), I think it's more the display retina bad, especially for the fact that by connecting to an external monitor (TV) the computer works fine.

now tomorrow i put on this machine a new retina display... i hope that i solve the problem, i'll post results...


I didn't say anything about it being the logic board. The board I'm talking about is in the display.


so i also think that problem is in the board with led at the bottom of the display, the board that control the light of the monitor maybe.. tomorrow is the day of the truth :D thank mayer for reply!


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