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Released June 2012 / Core i7 processor with Turbo Boost / Up to 1 GB GDDR5 Video RAM

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Kernel panic every time my MBP wakes from sleep. Please help!

Hi — I'm experiencing kernel panics every single time my 2012 MacBook Pro wakes from sleep. Running El Capitan 10.11.3. I've contacted Apple about this at least 3 dozen times over the last 2.5 years, and the best I've ever achieved is a stay of execution for about a week — then it's back to the same. Have tried everything you can think of and that I've read in posts like this, no change.

I have the full report but didn't want to paste it in here unless someone told me it was appropriate to do so. I have ZERO knowledge of what anything in the report even means, so much of what I read in other forums only confuses me further.

If anyone is wiling to help me figure this out I'd be forever in your debt. Thanks!

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Take it to Apple or an ASP and have it tested for this recall if it is the 15" i7 2012 model:

What has Apple told you that did fix it or give you that "Stay of execution"? What fixes have you tried? Do you know if this is a hardware of software issue? Has the machine ever been opened?

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Hi Mayer — it is indeed the i7 model, but the link above isn't working for me (page not found). I'll look it up though — had no idea there was a recall and no one at Apple ever mentioned it.

I've used both online and in-Store support, but my next move may be an independent authorized repair shop.

They've had me reset the PRAM and several other things, check RAM integrity, run diagnostics, repair permissions, trash preferences, and a host of other things I'm forgetting. At one point the hard drive was the suspect, so I paid them to replace it. Same problems a week later. What happens is I give up hope, and then I get aggravated all over again.

Drive diagnostics check out fine, but I can't help but wonder if a SSD might help...


Joe here's the link I think Mayer was talking about: MacBook Pro Repair Extension Program for Video Issues.


link fixed. Apple is very bad about telling people about this. It took a class action law suit to even get them to admit that it was a problem, I also believe it is a issue with the 13" machine but Apple ignores those (no law suit).


Took a look at the link and checked my serial number. Unfortunately I'm not on the list. What, in your opinion(s), is the best way to figure out what the cause is, and whether it's hardware or software?


You know I wouldn't trust that report for a recall issue. That is the link which checks for the original warranty period. I would take it to an Authorized Service Provider (ASP) and have them check it. An ASP gets paid by Apple to do the repair so they have incentive.


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Do you have access to a second Mac system? If you do you'll want to connect your Mac to the other using either a FireWire or Thunderbolt cable back to back. Then you'll start up your Mac holding the letter T for Target Mode. Using the other Mac you should see your Mac as if it was an external drive, now we want to run Disk Utility and repair both the permissions & disk.

Once done give your system a restart to see if it's better. If not you'll want to copy off anything important as you'll need to completely wipe the drive down and test it using the zero ones over write. Once the drive is finish being tested you then need to install a fresh copy of the OS and your apps.

Update (01/26/2016)

At this point I think you do need to wipe the drive and slowly add back your apps given the crash report.

The other way you could diagnostically prove if the drive or the files on it was the issue would be to have a good clean external drive which you could boot up under. If the system is stable with the alternate copy of OS that would be the proof.

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Hi Dan — thanks of the suggestion. I've done this twice, actually, and no problems found either time. The only thing I do know for sure at the moment is that my hard drive is 34% fragmented, even though Apple's stance is that fragmentation does;t happen or doesn't matter.

Drive diagnostics check out fine, but I can;t help but wonder if a SSD might help...


Apples' & Microsofts' position on fragmentation is flawed! Yes, day one, all is peachy ... then, a few years later, the drive is snails vile! 34% is quite high! I would recommend you defragment the drive or better yet reformat it and restore from a good TimeMachine backup after installing a fresh copy of the OS. I like Drive Genius if you decide to go that route.


If you get kernel panics this is more likely a HD or bad RAM; OS or software issue.


TechTool Pro 8 is also good for this.


This is what Drive Genius is telling me re: fragmentation —

"Jan 22, 2016, 11:50:30 PM Warning The used space on Planet Joe is 34% fragmented (46.1% of total space). Fragmented files may slow down data-intensive applications such as those using databases, music, or video."

Could this be responsible for the panics?


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