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Sorti le 19 septembre 2014, cet iPhone avec un écran de 5,5" est une version plus large de l'iPhone 6.

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Headphone jack not working even after replacing it

Headphone jack on my iPhone wasn't working so I ordered the new cable and replaced it and all was well except it had the same exact problem, could my luck be so bad as to have to pieces broken in the same way or is there something else going on?

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Try cleaning the connector pins for the lightning dock ribbon connector with a brush and 99% isopropyl alcohol with the battery unplugged. Then plug back in and test again.

Is it stuck in headphone mode / no sound coming at all from headphones or not detecting headphones?


It's not detecting the headphones at all, I'll try the cleaning


@benjamen50 So I did the cleaning and it worked at first si unplugged and plugged the headphones in a few times to make sure and then it stopped working :-/

Also, how important is the isopropyl percentage?


Higher is better as a lower percentage means it's higher conductive if I'm correct the other 1% is water / liquid instead of solvent.


99% IPA = 99% pure = 99% alcohol and 1% water, usually distilled. And if pure enough, that water will not conduct electricity, until it gets contaminants from the phone/board you are cleaning. But by that time and if the alcohol content is high enough, most of it would have evaporated .

In my opinion anything above 90% is good enough for general cleaning purposes. 99% is better of course.


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I had an iPhone 6 Plus that was doing the same thing. A little bit of research and it turned out that the Volume Limit was turned on in the Music app's settings. Here is a link to the article I stumbled across:

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