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The Xbox One Model 1698 Wireless Controller was released by Microsoft in 2015 alongside the Model 1697 controller. This controller is similar to the Model 1697 with internal modifications. It has more features than a basic controller, such as, removable thumbsticks and metal D-Pad buttons. The controller is primarily designed for console use, but is PC compatible.

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Why my Rs (right stick) button is not working

My right stick stopped functioning for some reason on my xbox one, and even xbox doesnt even know hoe to fix the $@$*, for some sort of reason my elite controllers right stick appears to be un mapped at all settings, and it doesnt work at all when playing games

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I have just run into this issue - and so far been unable to find a solution.

I know it is the xbox — not the controller — as the right toggle works when I run the test mode in accessories, and because the same thing is happening to both controllers.

It isn’t the magnifier, and I’ve done a restart (with xbox unplugged for 5 minutes) 3 times.

Next, I’m resetting the xbox. Will update.


Having the exact same issue. Right joystick works in test mode and when I have the magnifier on. At no other time does it work though


Same mine doesn’t work either for some random reason and it’s frustrating because for some games that button is a crucial part of your controller but, I can’t use it I’ve tried using Xbox’s method of reseting and unplugging or whatever it said but that unfortunately did not help at all. Hopefully I’m not alone and this is just a bug with the connection of frequencies because the last few comments have been in a very close time period. This is really frustrating considering that my left joystick is already drifting so now the fact that I can’t use my right joystick (besides looking around). Idk what to do at this point and my controller costs around 140$ so right when it stopped working I was scared that my controller was breaking even more but it doesn’t seem like that considering that it works to an extent I’m gonna contact Xbox support and post what I find out and see if they have any tips.


Reading through these posts and I’m dealing with the exact same issue and have followed the steps. Anybody got in contact with Xbox support yet or should i waste my time?


Hey not sure if this will be helpful for everyone but there was a bug in CoD Vanguard that caused the input to be switched to mouse and keyboard. If you go back and play the game you were playing when the stick stopped working and press the D-Pad it will recognize it as a controller. Not sure if this bug is game specific but just another possible fix in this frustrating situation


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I had the same issue and after further investigation I found out I had accidentally turned on the xbox magnifier setting at some point (lol). To fix the issue:

1. Hold the xbox button until the menu pops up asking you to either turn off the console or the controller.

2. Press the back button to turn off the "Magnifier" setting.

3. Try your game again.

4. Enjoy!

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Wow I glad you posted this I canf believe I thought it was my remote . But you were right it the magnifier was on


Thank you so much but my screen @rxs127 but why want my screen zoomed in


Thank you so much , I was going nutz trying to figure out what happened to my controller.


Thank god thougjt controller was &&^&@@


I feel dumb lol


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I had same problem I used magnifier to zoom in an forgot to turn it off thought right thumb stick was broken tried another controller so thought it was game then realized it was on so turned off magnifier zoom holding Xbox button in middle of controller then hit back or select button an then it worked fine hope this helps

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There is a chance the button has gone bad, If you have followed the steps for disabling Why my Rs (right stick) button is not working by Rxs127 and nothing works still, then you might want to look at Changement potentiomètre du joystick manette Xbox One Elite (modèle 1698) which will replace the joystick and the button. It is possible to replace just the button but you’d need to find the specific button to replace it with.

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