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Sixth generation of Apple’s wireless base station, released June 2013. The tower provides dual-band support wireless access and is Apple’s first router with 802.11ac technology.

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What parts might I need to replace

I have Hard Reset many AirPort devices. I have two AirPort Extreme A1521 that will NOT reset.

One is configured, but I do not have credentials to configure it. (blinking amber) Only see it while wired.

Other : Green - Amber - Blinking Amber. Blinking does not change rate when attempting Reset, nor is it seen in AirPort Utility. (wired/wireless)

How do I troubleshoot a repair?

How do I know what parts might I need to replace?

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Can you access it via the AirPort Utility?

Often an Amber LED is a bad config Vs needing a reset. Using AirPort Utility you should be able to see the error condition and make the needed correction. I would recommend if you have done a hard reset to make sure you re-establish a password for the device as well as reconfigure the WiFi connection settings from the default fully open to WPA2 with a strong password.

Update (10/06/2016)

OK, lets try this again...

Yes, I fully understand your the reset button is not resetting, lets put that aside for now. Watch this YouTube: AirPort Utility 6.0 Walkthrough and download this onto your Mac: Download AirPort Utility 6.3.1 for Mac. If you don't have a Mac Apple also has a iPhone/iPad version on their App Store and they also offer a MS Windows version.

With the app you can also reset the unit. but as I stated the Amber LED is a mis-config of the unit. Which is why you need the app to fix. If you can't gain access to the AirPort Utility then you do need to do a hard reset. Follow this Apple T/N: Resetting an AirPort base station FAQ

If the reset button won't reset it's likely damaged. You'll need to open the unit to gain access to the logic board to patch in a second switch.

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As I have said, "…will NOT reset."

Is this an issue with the reset buttons?


Dan, very helpful info. I never really understood/needed to SoftReset. Unfortunately directly after attempting the SoftReset the device continues to request a password. This leads me to thinking this an issue with the reset button. You mention the concept of patching in a switch. How is that done?




You can gain access to the switches header by pulling off the bottom cover. Review this IFIXIT guide: AirPort Extreme A1521 Internal Structure Replacement. If you jump to Step2 the connecter being lifted cable is covering another header this is the reset button header.

But before you go there, where you able to do a soft reset if you where then the switch is working! A soft reset would have allowed you a small window to reset the password. You do need to do this from a wired connection.


SoftReset did not advance my cause.

Do I need to purchase a replacement Reset Button? If so where would I get one?


I think you're going down the wrong path here. It sounds like the switch is working if you got it to work with a soft reset.

Did you have your Mac connected via a Ethernet port as thats the only connection type the soft reset will allow you access and you need to have the Airport utility running. Are you using the newest version of the utility?

I've never needed to replace the reset button on the few units I've fixed. It's a simple blister switch which is quite durable. If you press to hard you're likely to break the mounting vs the switch its self.

Why don't you visit a local Apple Store with the units as I think they will gladly factory reset the units for you for free!


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