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A BTX computer introduced in 2006 using a Intel LGA775 socket processor. The 5150 is identical to the E510.

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will power up but its a black screen on the moniter

ok i have a Dell Dimension 5150 / E510 i first had the problem that i could not get my desktop to power up none at all ok so i went through the process of checking everthing then bought all new parts , new power supply, new memory ,new io panal and new cpu , so i went ahead an bought a new motherboard as well when it didnt fix the power up problem, but now it will power up and the power button is an amber color and it does not show the start up screen anymore an its just black a black screen. i have all new part and motherboard and it still is not working

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When I turn mine on it comes up with a black screen and it shows on the top left of the screen the text: RV370 P/N 113-A62801-106 BIOS and IDK what to do?Help plz?


Hi @rdtmmii,

You may have a faulty RAM (memory) module

Try removing all the RAM modules and just reinstall one at a time to see if it boots properly. test them all to see which one doesn't work.


"Always have the PC switched off and the power disconnected from the PC when you remove and install RAM" Do it every time, you could damage good RAM if you don't.


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Sounds like the only thing you haven't changed is the hard drive , the video card and the monitor. So lets start by eliminating the monitor first Have you tested it on another machine to know it works ? Next the video card or do you have on-board video? Finally the hard drive . Did you reinstall the OS because with all the hardware changes that system wont work, but if the screen wont come on you havent. So next what post beeps are you getting when you start up? Are these new parts that your installing or second hand parts from other machines? If you answer these questions we can better help you find a solution

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the video is on board an the moniter works fine with my friends tower and no i have not been able to put a new os yet cause the black screen, an when it powers up there is one beep and the power button has been an amber color but not every time i have powered it up an the 1 2 3 4 numbers are all lite up on the front IO panel and yes the parts was bought brand new nothing second hand , the only thing i have not replace yet is the front cpu fan and the hard drive


What make of motherboard so I can know what the post beep indicates, is it a long beep or short


check the board for a mem button if its equipped press it and try to boot again. There are some boards that post a single beet that indicates everything is fine whereas dells single beep is indicating a corrupt bios so did you replace the board with another dell board? this is a video to help reset bios


its short beep and the motherboard what says on the board is a connolly C E187242 F2


Ok so this is considered a dell motherboard and a single short beep indicates a corrupt bios. Excuse me for asking but why would you rebuild this computer and where were you able to get new parts for this old a machine . Anyway you will need to find the Clear CMOS jumper and clear it to get the bios to set back to default this should allow a clean boot to the bios so you can load an OS


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