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head lights will not work

how to get the head lights to work.i changed the switch but still no lights

Update (02/17/2017)

how to get head lights to work

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What is the make and model number of your Golf Cart?

Have you checked/changed the headlight fuse at all?


not sure where the fuse is.there is no inline fuse that i can see


hobeck what is the make and model number of your Golf Cart?


i have a 2005 club car & i'm not sure where the fuse is to the headligh?


I need to know how to fix the headlights on a STAR golf cart


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hobeck , check to see if the headlight circuit is fused, possible blown fuse. Check to see if head light switch is getting power with DVOM,(no power either fuse blown, loose plug, break in wire,corrosion,etc.), then check to see if power is coming out of switch, if power coming out of switch, check for power at bulb sockets, no power coming from switch(switch faulty). Power out of switch but no power at socket, break in wire/ bad plug/socket. Power coming from socket check/clean contacts/replace blown bulb. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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raining now but i will try your solutions later. thanks for the help


I'd like to know how best to find the fuse. I've found the run/tow 15A fuse, but can't trace out the headlights to find the fuse. It's my father-in-laws 2012 Cruise Car. Headlights stopped working when he put in new batteries recently.


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