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Putting SSD, installing High Sierra and reusing the original HDD

Hi, I did do a search of the forums to find answers but have doubts. Hope ifixit experts can help clear..

I have MBP 17" Early 2011 (not seeing this option in the 'choose device' section either), A1297, MC725LL/A. It has 750GB HDD SATA III as per the specs listed on, and 8GB RAM.

I am planning to upgrade the RAM and the HDD with the following that I found on Amazon India.

Are the above products compatible to use?

I do not intend to replace the DVD drive, so the original HDD will be out of the MBP.

So how do I transfer the contents of the HDD to the SSD? And how do I make the new SSD the boot drive? Also I assume that I could still use the original HDD as external drive later; what would I need for this---sata to usb cable? does it also require power cable?

Thanks in advance

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The trick is first creating a bootable USB thumb drive installer. That way you can swap the drives and then install a fresh copy of the OS onto the new SSD. Follow this guide: How to create a bootable macOS Sierra installer drive As for installing High Sierra I would hold off for now. Apple has some issues still with the new APFS file system running on SATA based SSD systems. The installer will install it even through you want the older GUID Journaled file system. You'll want to create a new user account thats different than your current one.

Getting your stuff off the old HD is also quite easy! You'll need a SATA to USB adapter like this one: Startech 2.5" SATA to USB adapter.

At the end of the OS install it will ask you if you need to migrate from another system this is when you can do it or wait until you get all of the OS updates and re-install fresh copies of your apps. Then locate the Migration Assistant app in your apps folder to do it then.

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Thanks Dan. I have a High Sierra USB bootable installer. Guess I'll have to create another one with Sierra to avoid the APFS problems. But this brings another question: the MBP (current HDD) is on High Sierra, so if I install Sierra on the SSD, this will probably lead to a conflict (old vs. new OS)? Even my TM backups are from 10.13.1.

"You'll want to create a new user account thats different than your current one."

Does the above statement mean I have to perforce create a new user account no matter what OS and could this also lead to mismatch between the HDD & SSD? Apologies if its a dumb question, but just want to be aware.

Also thanks for the link to the SATA-USB adapter cable...I actually had that on my Amazon shopping cart, but wasn't sure it was the right approach!! I did more research after my question & maybe I could bump it up to a 2.5/3.5 enclosure so the HDD could be protected/prevent dust collection.

Also if anyone can comment on the RAM & SSD that I had linked to...?


I'm not sure I follow you on the conflict Q. Creating the installer USB in its self won't be an issue and once you've installed Sierra on the new drive and are restoring your stuff won't be an issue either. The file structure in no different between the OS's apps & data.

The user account is so you don't have a conflict migrating your user accounts over from the HD to the SSD. Frankly, I strongly recommend having a second account on your system if the user account get infected you have a means to still get in.

Sure a HD case is better than the adapter. You only need a 2.5" drive case here.

And lastly your RAM and SSD are just fine.


Thanks much Dan.


Dan, thanks to your help, I have installed the SSD in the MBP with Sierra and will do the restore or individually add what I want from the old HDD (this is clean, fresh install, so would rather avoid bringing in any old crap from the HDD).

Only thing I now find is that Photos app doesn't open the photo library since 'it was created with a newer version of photos'. Any workarounds available?

Or should I upgrade to HS anyway?

(Immediately on getting to Sierra, Mac App Store downloaded HS. )


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