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The Shark Rocket HV301 is the second installment of vacuums in the 300 series. It is a two-in-one vacuum that comes with several attachments, making it capable of cleaning on different surfaces. Its sleek and lightweight design make it easy to maneuver around any household.

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I had to take entire base apart to clean roller

I can’t put back together. I unscrewed every screw to getbto entire roller brush. Have no idea how to put back together

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Here is a link to the ifixit Remplacement de la brosse rotative Shark Rocket HV301 guide.

Hopefully this is of some help in re-assembling the roller brush assembly.

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The problem is I can’t remember how to put it all back together. Even going backwards from the pics shown to remove.



Can only suggest that you do start at the end of the guide and replace items as per the pics. If you place the computer's mouse over each of the smaller pictures in each step and click on the picture you will get a close up view of what to do which may help.

Good luck.


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