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La VivoTab Smart d'Asus est une puissante tablette intelligente Windows 8 de 10,1" sortie en novembre 2012. Elle est livrée avec un processeur Intel pour un plaisir multimédia.

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I/O board Micro USB Connector Striped copper.

My sister gave me her tablet because it was"not charging and sounded like something was shaking around" after inspection the interior of the Micro USB port was disconnected and somehow striped the connector copper of the I/O board. I tried to find a replacement part but the official store no longer carries it because of the tablets age, and other places the part costs more than getting a new tablet. Is it possible to somehow fix the board or will I need to buy a new one/device?

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Would it be possible for you to take a picture of the damage? Maybe you could find a different jack that would fit in its place?


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if its like this they are available on ebay

Block Image

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I have a spare charging port the I/O board itself is whats in question.


have you got a photo of the board


I do now (sorry for the quality)


i was able to find this if its any good to you


That is the part but when i tried to order I couldn't ship anywhere out of Italy.

(I live in the US)


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you would need to solder a jumper where the missing pad is. just replacing the charge port wont be enough unfortunately. it it stripped some of the lead away as well you can take an exato knife and strip the protection away a little to reveal more copper trace, just very carefully.

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