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Updated version of the 2015 Retina MacBook. Model A1534, EMC 2991. Released in early 2016.

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Calling for real insider tips on fixing the MacBook 12-inch

I have attempted to repair two 12-inch MacBooks, one 2015 and one 2016. Most recently a standard display assembly replacement. Now, I have two dead MacBooks.

I average about half-a-dozen Apple repairs a month, both laptops and desktops with a nearly 100% success rate (excluding liquid damage jobs, where it's more like 60%). I follow the same care and troubleshooting principles across my job, but these "12-inchers" are getting me. Twice now, I have turned once-running MacBooks into paperweights.

No power, sound, lights or signs of life after reassembly.

I have watch teardown vids and your guides, the latter which is rather lacking in the area of precautions. Can someone contribute to the topic of pitfalls, mistakes and unique things to avoid when fixing a 12-inch MacBook? I'd be less vague if I had any notion where I'm goofing.

How I wouldn't give my eye teeth (or is that iTeeth) fora real Technician's Guide, right now.

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@mayer any apple secrets? ;)


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Hang in there! Momentum is building! California confronts tech giants in their own backyard

Until the 'Right to Repair' becomes law, access to manufactures repair manuals & tools will still be through the back door or thought sites like IFIXIT. Not all hardware makers are as closed as Apple.

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@wellconnected every Mac professional I know, is highly concerned with the lack of repairability of the machines produced after the advent of the Retinas. They just don't appear built to be repaired. We cat get parts and those we can get are so overpriced that the customer has no real choice but to replace rather than repair. And that's the way Apple wants it.


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