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The JBL Charge 3 can be recognized by its distinct woven speaker cover and rubber accents. It was released in 2016 and features a fully waterproof design, 20 hours of playback time, and bluetooth connectivity.

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if it is lost can I track to get it back

i lost my jbl and cant find it is there a way to track it?

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hey so I’ve lost my JBL flip 4. how can I find it. it has ben gone for like 10h.

is there a way to find or should I just forget about it???


I have a question about bluetooth device tracking! If your bluetooth device such as headphones or speaker is lost or stolen and let's say that the battery is dead or the device is turned off is there any way that it can still be tracked? I've had some bt headphones come up missing and can't find them!!


I lost my JBL flip 4 speaker in teal I can’t find it anymore


@Sarah Manning

See the Chosen Solution below.


Hello I've lost my JBL speaker someone block into my car and l dont know who so is it possible to track it and find it?


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Hi @joshlange724 ,

If you renamed the device and it is still turned on and it is still working you could try and see if it appears in your phone's BT list.

You'd have to be within 30' of it of course.

If it has been turned off or the battery has died (it only lasts for 20 hours when playing music so maybe a bit longer when it is not) then there is no way that you could track it.

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thank you so much


Hey I lost my speaker at my friends house how do I find it


@Zach attack Jackson

Do what the answer above says.

If it appears in your phone's BT list it is somewhere within 30' of the phone so you will have to start looking for it.

If it doesn't show in the BT list then it is either off, has a flat battery so you still will have to look for it or is not there.


Hi my jbl xtrime 3 was stolen, can it be tracked?



The answer above shows what can be tried - so probably not as it is doubtful that it would be still on and within 30' of where you are.


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Hi @Rick Miner

Are you sure that they're not only shown as listed in the BT list rather than suddenly appearing i.e. remembered from a previous time?

Try "forgetting" or “unpairing” the headphones in the BT list and then see if they show up again.

If they do show up again either the battery is not dead and it is switched on or there is another device with the same BT name nearby that is turned on

If the battery is dead or if is switched off there is no power for the BT chip in the headphones to signal anything

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Hi mate, i'm not expert on this whole finding devices via bt but chances are it's completely lost. one of your only possible solutions is to retrace your steps and find where you last used it.


I did that and I still could not find it , on top of that , the Harkins theater people are not happy with me anymore I guess :()


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