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Apple announced the Retina MacBook 2015, model A1534, on March 9, 2015 to launch on April 10. It has a new unibody construction and includes an updated trackpad, keyboard, and Retina display.

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MacBook 12 2005 - wont turn on, maybe Logic board dead?


I’have a macbook 12 2015 that won’t turn on after a repair.

My friend give to me this macbook, he swap the trackapad but after reassembly macbook wont turn on... completly dead.

Some point about the story:

1) macbook logic board now have white led on - after i plug usb-c charger

2) my friend when swap the trackpad wont descharge macbook and work with macbook powerd off but with white led on

Maybe is dead the logic board??

If the problem is logic bord after i recieve a new one to put inside, i’ve to cover power pin with plastic tool during reassembly and use 5v usba to usbc trick for power on first time?



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Tommorrow i recieve the new logic board.. someone have some information to add at revers of teardown tutorial? :)


@danj please take a look :)


Read the guides backwards ;-}

Sorry guy we don't have any reverse process guides to put things back together.

Just take your time and you'll be OK!


nothing... won't but with new logic... how can I do ? I don't know what is problem :( @danj

now I leave pc to 5w usb-a to usb-c but nothing happen.. :-S


Please explain what you mean??


The new logic board (180 days warrenty 100% tested) come from USA not boot... computer is dead, always led white in logic but no power on, i’ll use trick 5v usb but nothing... definitly dead. What can i do for this mac???


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Yes! You do need to use the low power trick.

But! before you do that lets see if the logic board is salvageable. Review Step 5 in this guide: Retina MacBook 2015 Logic Board Replacement see if the battery kicks in.

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I reconnect logic, led stay off, after i plug usb-c charger led light up but wont power on machine.

I’ll try after plug usb-c with led light on, to do discharge with press gold button.. but nothing, led light down, when i try to power on with keybord logic do not bot and if i try to put usb-c the led on logic light up but no boot... no life... i think is the logic board..

what did u think about this?


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