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The Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 14 is a convertible 14-inch Ultrabook developed by Lenovo in 2015. It is one of many iterations in the ThinkPad line.

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replacing a damaged USB socket

i just took in a lenovo yoga 14, and it has a damaged usb socket. the SS+ socket adjacent to the power socket.

has anybody replaced one of these? i’ve seen some lenovo laptops that have the DC-IN and that one USB port on a separate board, but it’s tough to tell in the teardown photos.

i’ll just order a replacement socket and do the work, but if i can avoid opening it up just to determine what i need, that’ll save some time.


EDIT: i have uploaded a pic of the damaged port innards, as well as a pic of how the socket is soldered to the MLB. i certainly don’t have that type of port on hand.

Block Image

Block Image

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If possible share some images of the part and how much it is damage will help


The USB sport is just internally boffed... the plastic insert is loose as can be, and the pins are bent backwards into the chassis.

Now that I’ve got to open it up, I suppose I’ll have an easier time determining the replacement process.

Are all USB jacks having the same footprint? I have a few spares from another project, but if they’re different I suppose I’ll need a schematic to find the right replacement.


@reverendalc Did you successfully replace your port? Where did you order parts? I'm having the same problem. All three of my ports are broken, which is ridiculous.


i ordered the part from ebay, for a comparable laptop model. it was not an exact replacement. the replacement port was blue inside, and SLIGHTLY different dimensions. i applied the tiniest bit up upward angle when soldering on to compensate.

if it wasn't blue inside, you wouldn't notice.

happy soldering


Ordered! Appreciate the response! Hopefully I'll have some working ports again.


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Hi @reverendalc ,

According to this image taken from the service manual for your laptop, the connector that you are referring to, is the OneLink+ dock connector. Is this the one that you mean?

If it is the one, then it shows that it is mounted directly onto the systemboard and is not on a separate board.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

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You are correct, that is the configuration of this laptop! I was having great difficulty finding any docs for this laptop. As it stands now, it just bricked itself doing a firmware update. You wouldn’t happen to have a clean bios file?

Considering this latest failure, it’s moved up in my queue considerably.


Hi @reverendalc ,

You may have to contact Lenovo regarding getting a replacement connector with the correct configuration as searching online reveals no info regarding the motherboard's OneLink+ dock connector.

Also regarding the BIOS file you may be out of luck as according to the Read Me file attached to the latest BIOS update file (V1.55) taken from this webpage, it states that if the update process is interrupted the systemboard may have to be replaced. Unfortunately it doesn't state how to recover from a failed BIOS update.

It does mention that you cannot roll back to versions before V1.50 in case you do happen to find a pre V1.50 version BIOS file.

Sorry that I can't be of more help.


well my dock connector is fine, it's simply the adjacent USB socket which is damaged. i've already (much to my chagrin) purchased the BIOS file, and i'll write it with my SPI programmer manually. that's of no real consequence other than inconvenience... and the few dollars the bios dump cost me. i'm preparing to open it up tonight. if push comes to shove, i suppose i'll just remove the USB jack and see if i can find a comparable unit on arrow or mouser


i have restored the BIOS to the laptop, and it's functioning again. i've uploaded some pictures of the port.


Hi @reverendalc ,

You're right. It appears to be a fairly standard type of USB connector. Mouser should be able to help with the correct one.


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