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La mise à jour tant attendue du célèbre Mac Mini. Processeurs disponibles : Intel Core i3 quad-core à 3,6 Ghz, Intel Core i5 hexa-core à 3,0 Ghz et Intel Core i7 hexa-core à 3,2 Ghz.

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How difficult to upgrade the memory ourselves?

The new 2018 Mac mini uses SO-DIMM for memory. From the official pictures, it seems easy to upgrade the memory ourselves, but we hope you folks can help us confirm how difficult it is to upgrade. Thanks!

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for pro person is piece a cake - for someone who unable to hold screwdriver - impossible


was lead to believe you just popped open the bottom and replaced the ram module with another chip of similair specs. but video i just watched doesnt make it seem like you can just “pop it open”. this is the exact reason i bought the mini. and im not going to pay apple 400 euros to add 8gbs of ram to it.


I just received my 2018 Mac Mini also and took off the cover and the T6 screws, I saw where the memory cage was though I am not sure what need to be removed to access it. Looking forward to some videos on how to do the ram upgrade. For now I am stuck with 8GB of ram


I am writing this on a freshly-upgraded 2018 Mac mini, having just replaced the two 4GB RAM modules with two 16GB modules. I can say that the procedure was quite a bit more complex than I had anticipated, given the photos I had seen of the RAM just sitting there exposed, looking able to just be popped-out of the bottom of the case.

In fact, you will need the right tools AND a bit of careful skill to accomplish this task. Took me less-than an hour.

If you have ever worked on the inside of a prior generation Mac mini … to replace the HDD with an SSD for example … this job is roughly equal in difficulty to that. Beware, there are some *delicate” connectors that you can break if your are not careful in removing them!


Search Youtube there’s plenty of tutorials available now! Have Fun!


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Here’s the guide on doing it:

Remplacement de la mémoire (RAM) du Mac mini fin 2018

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Refer to the guide @mayer linked on how to do it. My opinion based on what I seen in the teardown is it varies. For someone exprienced, the attempt Apple made to hide the memory is a joke. Give me 30 minutes tops and I’ll have this thing done. Once I've done it once, I'd expect to half that time.

This one may be more difficult for average users like the Aspire One ZG5 was. I wouldn’t want someone like my dad to try this without assistance, at least for the first time. I’d probably monitor someone like him after 1-2 assisted installs to see, but I would need to make sure they can get it right without damage consistently.


Nice guide. Just finished upgrade and it was easier than I imagined. Only problem was stripping the head of one fan Torx 6 fan screw while tightening it. Any idea where I can get a replacement?


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I’ve just seen the first video of ram upgrade here

Update (11/07/2018)

more videos on YouTube about it

this one is better explanation of it so far

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Except for the removal of the RAM clip covers which is unnecessary. That and not calling attention to the two cable connectors when re-seating the motherboard. You have to make sure you don’t pinch them.


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