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Adaptateur secteur de 2e génération pour les produits MacBook, dont la première version date de 2012. Non-compatible avec les systèmes de la génération précédente. Disponible en versions 45W, 60W et 85W.

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Is there any known way to test Mag-Safe adapters

I’d like to be able to tell if I have a bad Mag-Safe adapter or if I need to look at the computer. I know they fail, as I have a box full of failed ones. It would be nice to tell first if my power source is working correctly. Anybody know how?

You would think there would be some type of testing software.

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There has to be a way to test them with a multimeter.


You can check out and test the pins with a meter. Note how it says that the V+ should give full voltage with a 40 kOhm load.


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I just use a DC-In Board which I wired in a .5 watt 50 Ohm resistor for a load and then wired in test leads for both the power and the one-wire comm connection. Most of the time I just depend on coconutBattery output.

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