Only left rear lights don’t work

Rear left blinker and break light on 92 Ranger does not work, not even when turning on hazard lights. Replaced blinker bulb before realizing break light was out as well, then replaced relay switch to no avail.

Auto store thinks it may be the bulb assembly, which would make sense if it was only either the break light or the blinker, not both. Could it be the wiring harness? Hate to go through all that if someone knows for sure or has a better idea…

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Hi @trucklover

not sure if you had checked on the fuse box also.....

check are the cables connected in place? hopefully it is not broken


Hi @trucklover ,

Have you checked the earth connection to the assembly.

Try running a new temporary earth from a clean spot on the chassis, close by to the earth wire on the assembly and then check the lights.

make sure that you get it right otherwise you'll probably blow a fuse instead of lighting a bulb ;-)


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