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Du bois et des roues. Il existe plusieurs sortes de skateboards (ou planches à roulettes) aux usages différents. On peut diviser les skateboards de base en cruiserboard, longboard et trickboard standard.

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My skateboard does not turn right at all

I bought a new skateboard today but it only turns one way. If I try to turn left, it goes to the left, but if I try to turn right, it will go to the left no matter what. I have checked and the 2 big bolts at the bottom near the tracks are facing towards the middle of the board.

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My skateboard is always turning left a lot!!

see if any of the solutions posted here help


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The trucks (the medal part that the 2 big bolts are holding) might be too tight and one is tighter than the other. Just loosen one of them up until it starts rolling straight.

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my brand electric skateboard does not turn on after riding in rain. How to fix it.

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