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La montre connectée troisième génération d'Apple, avec connexion aux réseaux mobiles en option, mise sur le marché le 22 septembre 2017.

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Not charging correctly. Plz help

My Apple Watch series 3 got water damage a couple of days ago. I soaked in alcohol for a day and then let dry. When I plugged on charger, it showed the green charging sign. I unplugged it and replugged it and now nothing happens, except after 30 mins a screen covered in different color led shows up. When I unplug it dies instantly. Plz help

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I think you need a new battery.

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My watch also screen cracked & water damaged

I kept near the fan for whole day

Next day after puts on charger it booted up

But not charging it was stuck on 1% not increasing

Immediately I checked battery health on watch it’s showing service recommended

Previously it was 100%

I tried with 2 hours I put charger but no use

While plug it off after couple of minutes it’s been turned off

In my case replacing battery is solution or any other solution have to do


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I got this my d00d.

What might be the problem (this happens to me sometimes) is that your putting the Apple Watch on the charger and it would seem to be charging, but it isn’t. The charger has two sides, and one of them is magnetic, and the other one does nothing. You have to make sure it magnetically sticks onto the charger, and then something will appear on the screen saying it is charging. If that isn’t working, the charger may be broken.

Hope this helped my d00d.

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Thank you. But It sticks on, and the charger is broken cause it works on the other watch. If u can provide further info if be thankful.


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It seems to me from your description that the watch was never disassembled and you just placed the whole watch in alcohol. I recommend a full disassembly to inspect and clean. Vue éclatée de l'Apple Watch Series 3

Electronics Water Damage

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