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Tutoriels de réparation et d'entretien pour les SUV et camions conçus par Hummer de GM et dont la production a été interrompue.

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I have a Hummer Truck starting to blow heavy white smoke from tailpipe

My Hummer truck has just started blowing heavy white smoke from the tail pipe only when I crank it. Doesn’t blow smoke going down the road. Doesn’t leak anything. The smoke kind of smells like oil or rubber burning. Stinks. Burns eyes. My temperature gauge has been increasing a little. It now reads about 210 consistently. Any ideas?

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From the details that you have given the problem is either a blown head gasket or a blown head. THIS SHOULD BE REPAIRED IMMEDIATELY! This is caused by coolant getting into the cylinder and coolant being burned. That is why it is a very chemically smell and burns the eyes. I would suggest taking the vehicle to your local mechanic and they can do the repair. This repair should only be done by someone that knows what he is doing.

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I would check the oil levels as a clue. You may need a ring job if the gaskets are OK.


@thefluffyfist Thank you. I will have this checked out immediately.

@Dan - I checked oil. Looks good. No milky color. Thank you


@lisa35555 - Water in the oil will make it milky that would be your head gasket, loss of oil would point to the rings, but it may take a while to burn enough to be noticeable.


@danj Checked the oil. Not milky at all. No loss of oil. Nothing is leaking - to the ground anyway. Thank you!


@lisa35555 - The oil won't be dripping to the ground from failing rings. The ring seals the piston and the pistons wall. Here's a good vid explaining things Piston Rings & Blowby - Explained


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The things to check to verify the above suggestions for repair would be your coolant level. Check it when the vehicle is cold and see if it is lower then it should be and if it is getting lower. Also pull the oil fill cap and look on the inside of the cap, is there any milky buildup? If so you are getting coolant in your oil.

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@zchead I will do this. Thank you!


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