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Repair and disassembly guides for microwave ovens.

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Newer Sharp carousel microwave model smc1452CH noise from vibration

My microwave makes horrible noise from vibration when running. I can press on the sides of the microwave and it decreases. Seems it needs insulation in the sides to stop this. I taped some foam on each side and it does help a lot but it eventually falls off. Can I open the case and put some foam on the inside each side to stop this? Its really loud

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In addition to the vibration noise, my interior light died. It is an LED light assembly (PN: YHW01) that must be replaced entirely. The problem is that it is impossible to find. Even the Sharp authorized repair center and part distributor could not find the part replacement.


I also am looking for the bulb yhw01 ,I ordered a replacement but it has to many watts and is way to dim .


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Check that the rollers (usually there are 3) on the roller ring (or star) that the turntable plate rests on in the oven are round and do not have any flat spots.

Here’s an image of the rollers.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

If the rollers have a flat spot (looks like a flat tyre on a car, round at the top flat on the bottom) it will cause a grinding noise and the turntable may turn with a jerking motion.

If there are flat spots (it only takes one), the roller ring will have to be replaced as you cannot get individual roller replacement parts.

If they are OK run you fingers around the track that the rollers move on to feel that it is smooth and not rough causing the rollers to bind.

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Try these:

* Open the door Halfway.

  • If it Opens more or Closes More. Its not Level - Remedy that
  • Look at the Factory Feet
    • They are probably Hard Plastic?
    • Try and source some self adhesive rubber feet (they come with eveything from Ikea!)
    • The Feet will also stop the micro sliding all over if you need to press a button hard to open


    • Loosen all the screws in the cover.
      • You DO NOT need to remove the Screws - just loose.
      • You DO NOT nor should you remove the Cover - Unless you need to and know what you are doing.
      • Screws may be of the security type- meaning you need a special screwdriver- Loosen the ones that you can
      • Whilst Pressing down firmly in the centre of the top of the cover Re-Tighten the screws.

Thats it!! ???

What you have done is released “tension” that was stored in the cover by poor assembly of the microwave.

- This was enabling the 50/60Hz (depending where you live) frequency from the cooling fan to couple (vibrate) into the microwave mechanics and resonate at a louder amplitude than intended.

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