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Repair guides and technical knowledge for the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, released in 2017.

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Broken battery port. Help!

Hey. Is there an easy fix for this broken battery port on a MIX 2S? I opened up the phone myself, voiding the warranty because Xiaomi support were taking weeks at a time to reply to simple messages. I was too impatient to wait months to get a few messages from them and have the phone sent from Australia to China for repairs and then back to Australia. They are subsequently not honoring the warranty and have also refused to offer any advice for fixing the device myself. I am hoping there is a way to attach a new charging port to the chipset. Or do I need a new chipset?

Please help!

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jt.lynch not sure where in Australia you are but what you need is a capable micro soldering expert. You could always contact @refectio and see if he has connections. Otherwise @jayeff or @benjamen50 might have a solid lead. Anyhow, can it be fixed? Yes, by the right person with the right tools. No reason to spend that much money on a new circuit board.

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@benjamen50 is fairly local to the OP.


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Here is a new chipset. Not sure if you can replace the port.

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