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Modèles de Macbook Pro avec écran de 15 pouces

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Didn’t apple try and fix the 2018 MacBook Pro?

My friends 2018 model MacBook Pro is suffering from flexgate. Didn’t apple fix the problem. Did apple fix flex gate on the 2019 MacBook pros.

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Unfortunately they already tried to fix it on the 2018 version with the longer cable. Now for the 2019 while the cable is extended it is most likely still affected with the same fault.

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Apple claims to have removed the Flexgate issue, but they havent. They tried to, but it was a fruitless venture. So, in other words, no, they did not fix it.


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Apple quietly upgraded the cable in the 2018 models. But they have not admitted to the defect in the 15" only the 13" model with the extended warranty program.

I would recommend your friend visit an Apple Store and have them fix it.

Hopefully you can convince them this is the same defect the 13" models have and they need to give you a warranty exception. If not you need to hang onto the paperwork of the repair so you get it rebated when they finally admit the 15" models are also effected.

Don't just give-in with the first person! Work up the chain talking to the managers and then request the corporate manager for service to make your case.

Be polite and strong! Don't be angry or flippant. Remember Honey goes farther than Vinegar!

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Apple tried “to” fix it, not try “and” fix it.

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