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Les ordinateurs de bureau tout-en-un d'Apple. iMacs ont été équipés de processeurs Intel depuis Janvier 2006.

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iMac Hard disk advice

Hello everyone,

I bought a used iMac but the seller has removed the hard drive. Can you please advise me what is a good option for hard drive I can buy for this iMac?

Looking for 500 GB to1 TB

If you can advice me with a good option on eBay, will be great.

Here is the info on the one I bought

Block Image

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The systems description has conflicting information so I can't be sure what you'll need.

There is no 24" 2.0 GHz dual core. Lets do this plug in your systems serial number here EveryMac Lookup


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@gazwan check on here 2 TB 3.5" Hard Drive and for a Hybrid on here 1 TB SSD Hybrid 3.5" Hard Drive

Image 2 TB 3.5" Hard Drive


2 TB 3.5" Hard Drive


Image 1 TB SSD Hybrid 3.5" Hard Drive


1 TB SSD Hybrid 3.5" Hard Drive


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I have looked up the specific model of IMAC you have specified and it takes the following hard drive.

Storage Dimensions:3.5" (26.10 mm)Storage Interface:Serial ATA (3 Gb/s)

Details: This model holds a single 3.5" SATA II (3 Gb/s) hard drive or SSD.

This will suit your needs nicely for $68.00



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@mjkern - Good effort sadly, the drive is out of stock.

Fixed SATA II drives are getting hard to find new as SATA III has taken over. You still can find auto sense drives (ones that have circuitry to match the systems I/O speed) Like the Seagate 3.5" FireCuda and Samsung 860 EVO.

The trick is in reviewing the specs sheet of the drive if it does not explicitly state it supports the I/O speed it won't work.


I have replaced a number of the older 2009 and 2010 Imacs as well as Macbook pros with newer faster SSD sata III drives and i have yet to have an issue with a replacement drive not functioning.

I am currently typing this on a 2010 macbook pro running 2 sata III SSDs. I was under the impression that while it may not have the 6gbs speeds a sata III it is as most things backwards compatible.

I have tested mostly intel SSD and a couple Samsung and Kingston SSD's I havent had a problem yet. That being said....

I have not tested the 24" all in one from 2009

I was looking something else up on ebay and found this one as well.



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