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Modèle de fin 2011, A1278 / processeur i5 de 2,4 GHz ou i7 de 2,8 GHz.

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Fans running fast, slow response, intermittently

I was asked to repair this MBP, because it was very slow in responding to mouse or trackpad clicks,as well as keyboard input, if at all. I replaced the old HDD with a good SSD fresh install Sierra, and she was fixed. Until I demonstrated my fix to my friend, when it suddenly was again slow in responding to trackpad etc. So I decided to dig some further, but now cannot even reproduce the problem. She is running fine now for hours, even ran “Heaven” without issue. So I can rule out the dreaded 2011 GPU failure, right? How do we go about tracking an intermittent issue? I do not have the ASD for this rig, unfortunately…

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I have seen these boards at times with a faulty RAM slot, and one could trigger it by pressing down on the area next to the trackpad. But not this one....I shake it and turn it, but it remains far. Installing latest Sierra updates, and the fans are revving up of and on again...


Thank you arbaman. I did a SMC reset and a PRAM reset to get rid of any memories of the previous corrupted HDD, if that makes any sense? So far, it is symptom free….and downright quick


@jurgenkoppen - Did you replace the HD SATA cable? While the system has a SATA III port the original HD and HD Cable was only SATA II.


@danj Problem was there even before the drive replacement..


@danj , hmm, I was not aware of this. I did not replace it with any other HD cable (yet). What would you do there: Find a cable of a later A1278 ? And if so , when did they go SATA III? I have switched out dozens of old HDD drives in 2009 to 2012 Mbps, and just replaced them with Kingston SSDs without a single glitch so far....


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I’d recommend opening up Activity monitor when the glitch happens and check if anything unusual keeps the Cpu busy with something. Have a look at battery condition too.

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