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The Western Digital My Passport Ultra is a USB 3.0 portable storage device with capacities from 500 GB up to 5 TB.

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Not seeing over 1.5tb

How do I repair my WD wdbaar3200abk-00 external drive. It is a 1801 Gb drive, but when it is connected, I only see 298.06 GB.

How do I return it to the original volume?

Currently there is NO data on this drive I wish to keep, running Win 10 Pro 64 bit with 32 gigs Ram, 2 TB drive (different one).

I also have Aomei Partition magic, and Aomei Backupper Pro. Neither of these programs made a dent.

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What is your systems OS? And do you have anything important on the drive?


Thank you Dan, I have edited my original post.


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Try using Hard Disk Sentinel to see if it reports any problems with the drive.

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