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Crashing / Shuts down with new NewerTech battery when on battery alone

hi there!

Sorry for my english

I just searched a report from yesterday I erased with the result “the battery is the problem…can not load enough energy from the cells, even on our new batteries…”

can not find again.

NewerTech is not answering my calls to them

I bought a new battery last week via eBay (resending is no problem, but I want to know what the problem is).

Calibrating went well, condition is good.

Before some days I tried working only in battery mode. suddenly it shuts down or get into deep sleep, first after 10 minutes now after 1 minute.

read most of the questions here, so:

my quote from german forum translated by google: like many other things, the computer crashes in the third cycle. shuts down. no message from os, but automatic reconstruction.

Battery good, calibration problem-free.

So as in the ether/internet to find: 10 times PRAM-reset, x times SMC-reset incl. color change = unsuccessful.

10 times PRAM reset, battery disconnected, power button 2x cigarette length, 10 times pram reset, 5 times SMC reset incl. Color change, 10 times PRAM reset, kernel cache = unsuccessful.

NO ANSWER for that

I’m !#^&@@ off a bit about newertech

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Update (30.08.2019)

i just setting me in admin-mode to find a pm-log in console, disconnect magsafe-wall, battery-mode shuts down after 1 or minute, restart in wall-mode, opening console: no messages about “now battery mode” or anything else for shutting down.

hasn’t there a pm log before my mac os x.8 (mountain lion)?

sorry correction: there is a simply “shut down” message

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Update (30.08.2019)

trying to upload screenshot console to get 20 characters

Block Image

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Solution retenue

please ifixit, when are giving me an advice to make a comment, tell before just 1024 characters. thanx!

buddha: if you are looking for it, you can not find it!


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ok, here i go:


- creating test account in admin-mode, naked as it can be, also with no hardware plugins as firewire hub, lan, toslink


- console (regognisze "all messages and diagnosis" & powerd aggregate", also very strange noupdate-googleearth update wishes for a new user, also CMVserver > next year!)


- turn off, SMC reset no colour change, 5x 10sec.


- opening batteryhealth, unplug wall-power


- 1minute 99%, CRASHING DOWN


- smc no colour 5x10sec.


- PRAM reset


-opening macbook, disconnect battery, push powerbutton 1minute, plugin wallpower


- smc no colour 5x10sec.


- push powerbutton 1minute


- pram reset 5x (graphic card i=small one; wrote it down before i know wht will happend)


- boot


- turn off, disconnect wall-power, push power button 1minute, connect wall-power


- smc no colour 5x10sec.


- connect battery, close macbook, connect wall-power


- smc no colour 5x10sec


- pull off wall-power


- starting in battery-mode and still small graphic card


- lan cable for date&time


- 12:18 apple health = 100%


- 12:26 = 96%


- 12:30 = 92%


- 12:35 = 89%


- 12:40 = 88%


- 12:45 = 87%


- 12:50 = 86%


- 13:07 = 82%


- 13:10 opening batteryhealth if this app is responsible for crash (-2919mAh)


- 13:11 -2257 mAh


- 13:15 = 80%


- 13:17 weird that istatmenus wants updateserver, but is not running


- 14:00 68%


- 15:08 = 50% CHANGING TO BIG GRAPHIC CARD, 1-2 minutes shutting down, restart and mentioned garphic card has reseted to small, change graphic card to big, log out, log in, graphic card still big, SHUT DOWN


- 15:10 restart, graphic card hes been reseted to small, let it like it is to drain battery


- making screenshots trying to find console with "all messages = non static" turned into static mode but cannot really find 15:09


- 15:34 end battery mode, problem is clear




OK, NO PROBLEM, even that i guess newertech support will never give a statement: BATTERY mode, i normally do not use, is just with small graphic card


no postman, no seller, no further postman is requiered


and i can keep my 1,90m and has not change into 1,90cm with red ballon as a head "my dear, battery is finde, must be something with your brain. reagrds newertech!"


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1 commentaire:

i dont think you answered a question at all


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Können Sie etwas zusammenfassen. Nach dem, was ich gelesen habe, haben Sie PRAM und SMC bereits einige Male zurückgesetzt.

Ich finde, CoconutBattery bietet genügend Informationen. Ich finde die grafische Darstellung von Battery Health 2 etwas verwirrend!

Bitte überprüfen Sie diese Apple T / N Apple Portables: Fehlerbehebung bei MagSafe-Adaptern, um sicherzustellen, dass Sie die richtige Magsafe-Einheit für diese verwenden. Ist der MagSafe-Anschluss sauber und nicht sowohl am Kabelende als auch auf der Seite der DC-In-Platine abgenutzt?

Sind Sie sicher, dass Ihr Problem die Batterie ist? Oder könnte es ein Logik-Board-Problem sein.


Can you summarise a bit. From what I read you have already reset both the PRAM and SMC a few times.

I find CoconutBattery offers enough information. I find Battery Health 2 graphing is a bit confusing!

Please review this Apple T/N Apple Portables: Troubleshooting MagSafe adapters making sure you are using the correct Magsafe unit for it. Is the MagSafe connector clean and not worn on both the cable end and the DC-In Board side.

Are you sure your issue is the battery? Or could it be a logic board issue.

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6 commentaires:

Hi dan,

But you can read battery health can't you. I still have a coconut version working below mac os x.10 archived, but battery health gives more information.

MagSafe is very good and everything on system is clean.

I do not know anything about logic board, I think it is called the whole platine (circuit board). fortunatly i found the last answer on this Apple Discussions: Crashes on battery power and remembered that Fatalism

So I tell again (repeat again): Got a new 0% empty battery (SMC and PRAM before because of changing), load it full + 2 hours, disconnect wall-power (AC), stoped individual using and after maybe 3-4 hours system was going into sleep. did not touch it for about 10 hours (5 hours minimum is recommended). full charging and left it for days, because I normally use wall-power but now with a working trackpad.


Before a rating on eBay for seller I thought: try battery mode. You see, first using the system has been OK, no problems so far (2 cycles). And for sure I do not set up a new operating system (it takes 4 weeks intensively working to end up that) and for sure I do not use anything other then MacOS 10.8

I can’t find the post of a seller, telling it is the battery because of the cell right now. And I do not mean this one How to Fix Faulty or Inaccurate Battery Percentage on Mac

Regards and thanks for your time


I forgot something: After fully charging, draining, sleeping, I did not connect the wall-power (AC) immediately. I push the power button about 2-3 times to drain the battery to 0% and system would not start anymore. Then I connected to wall-power (AC) and letting charge backup.


Another post I remebering has told something about the "pci" inside the battery...

I do not tell that is the battery, because of battery health and system profile saying "good", as I had reset both the SMC PRAM, but now I hope that!


Also this one is one I thought, because I did not change the battery immediately; Using a threshold battery for a long time:

"Only 70 cycles in 4 Years.”

I bet you leave your system plugged in most of the time.

What is happening here is SMC thinks the power level is below the set threshold so it needs to power down the system into deep sleep mode. So how to fix?

It's quite simple you need to do a SMC reset and cycle the battery a few times by fully discharging it and recharging it. That way the setpoint is memorized correctly.


I know what I’m trying today: disconnect battery and using a "triggled" (only 1GHz) computer for a while and reconnect battery (because I also bought a battery for macbookpro2,2 using it for a long time without battery do not knowing about the downgrading fact, and there everything is fine for 6 cycles)


Found it: "Try reseating the battery connector. If it's still having issues when on battery power, then it sounds like something's wrong with the battery cells and they're unreliable. It doesn't happen often with new batteries but it does happen, I've seen then happen even with Apple's own batteries. I'd suggest asking for an exchange at that point."

MacBook Pro repeatedly shutting down after battery replacement


Once more: "Run a power hungry program like a GPU benchmark if it dies right away the battery can’t provide enough peak current, this is common on aftermarket batteries.

The bms inside the battery does not calculate C rating

Going off the gas gauge data provided, the battery is a refurb unit, new cells re-programmed pcb (current capacity and cycle count are reset, hence why its over 100%)

The cells DO hold X amount of charge BUT they can’t deliver enough current when needed, the same issue is what happens to recalled iPhones recently (that was due to old age but same result)

Just cheap cells….. :)"


And here's why I bought newertech and listened to my doctor: "I've been running Newertech batteries since the beginning of 2005 and have had overwhelming experience - no comparison to any China no-names, and even Apple batteries are usually beaten to length Things Performance and Reliability Recently, from August to December 2010, I had to wait four months for a new shipment ... because Newertech's quality management teamed hard to send one container after the other back to the factory, until finally one of them fulfilled all the requirements. "


Another weird fact of a stupid guy: there are already 3 cycles noticed, but it can’t be like that in fact, that 1cycle does mean "100-0% using" but this few minutes with crashing-battery should be a maximum 50% using, so maximum 2,5 cycles all together.


An diesem Punkt müssen Sie wahrscheinlich nur eine andere Batterie ausprobieren, um die Batterie auszuschließen.

Es stimmt, es gibt einen Mikrocontroller in der Batterie und eine einzelne Zelle könnte nicht richtig angeschlossen sein, so dass sie nicht richtig aufgeladen wird. Und schließlich könnte die Chemie der Zellen schlecht sein, da dies für die Batteriehersteller einige Male ein Problem war.

Aber Ihre Geschichte zeigt speratische Lade- / Entladevorgänge, daher glaube ich nicht, dass es die Batterie ist.

At this point I think you are just going to have to try a different battery at this point to rule out the battery.

True, there is a microcontroller within the battery and a single cell could be not connected properly so its not charging correctly. And lastly, the chemistry of the cell's could be bad as thats been an issue a few times for the battery makers.

But your history shows speratic charging/discharging events so I don't think its the battery.


thanx dan. BLESS YOU! read my answer! sincerely and maybe we are going to meet once more, it is an honour.


but dan, maybe you can give me your words

"*This system has dual graphics processors -- a NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT with 512 MB of dedicated GDDR3 SDRAM and a NVIDIA GeForce 9400M with 256 MB of DDR3 SDRAM shared with main memory."

so i do think: graphic card has 256 mb and is called 9400, 9600 will use 256mb more from standard-ram (4/8 GB), isn't it like that, and by the way: 9400 is fine for simply working and movies, 9600 is for playing games i do not do.

thanx for your time

sincerely from berlin, if you are here, lets meet for a beer


I don't recommend buying batteries from Amazon or eBay. Focus on a Brick & Mortar or major web site which has a good track record and warranty.


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hi there.

my macbook has been frozen with lopping sound. send it to repair telling them that i have found something about after weeks without no issue/failure they sent it back “must be your harddisk/system”, but i could start the machine, so back to repair service. they changed one of the many now i do not have problems with battery. regards

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