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Introduced in 2012, the Gaems G155 is a portable gaming monitor that can support the Xbox 360, or the PS3. While there are multiple versions of the Gaems monitor, the G155 is the most sold and common.

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I plugged in wrong & more than higher voltage that i seen smoke n was like wtf!!! I immediately unplugged it!!!! It still works n shows picture. Whew thank god…but my next question is where can i or how can i get a new chip or motherboard?

Update (03/23/2020)

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I bought a Soldering Iron, Soldering Flux and Soldering Paste. I'm a amature @ this but very confident in myself. Lots of free useful information on the here. In the meantime I'll just put it away & hopefully not forget about it lol.

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The Chosen Solution in this link may be of some help if your problem is similar.

Would anyone know what component this is or have a schematic?

Here’s a link to the ifixit Gaems g155 LCD Screen Disassembly guide.

I realize that this is not the problem but the guide is useful as it shows how to dis-assemble the device to gain access to the circuit board. Apologies if you have already done so.

If the audio IC is not too badly damaged, hopefully you may be able to read the markings on it to know what type of replacement to get. Try here or here

If you cannot identify the component you may have to search online using the “board number” of the circuit board to see if there are any replacement boards available.

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Yes thank you for a very useful site & Info.


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The board scorching concerns me a lot - it doesn’t look like basic surface level burn residue. You may want to find a schematic or 2 separate groudplanes and check for a direct short. If you don’t see one, you can repair it - if you find one, the board needs to be replaced. You may need to remove some shorted parts as well so make sure you check the PCB and surrounding components.

It looks like a pretty standard TI chip and I’ve been able to at least narrow it down to a few chips:

  • TPA1517DWP (SMD?)
  • TPA1517DWPR (SMD?)
  • TPA1517DWPRG4 (SMD?)
  • TPA1517NE (Most likely)
    • TPA1517NEE4 is an alternative part number found on the datasheet
      • Obsolete so hope the NE version can work in place of the NEE4.

I can’t find anything else beyond that based on the photo but that should give you a good starting point IF the board is repairable and NOT dead shorted. Beyond that you’ll need to sort out which one is in use here or if you can interchange it - hopefully you can, but you usually can’t but the pinout looks similar on all 4, so there’s a chance here. See if you can find a photo of a good board and rule it out beyond a question of which one it uses.

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