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Numéro de modèle A1707. Sorti en juin 2017, ce MacBook Pro dispose de processeurs Kaby Lake, dont le plus performant est le processeur quad-core 2,9GHz Intel Core i7 avec Turbo Boost jusqu'à 3,9GHz.

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MBP 2017, Horizontal lines display. Flickering, buzzing noise.

Hello People,

my Girlfriends Macbook Pro 15” (2017) started showing problems yesterday. She flipped the display open and suddenly horizontal flickering lines and a big green bar on the right hand side of the screen appeared.

Additiononal to that there’s a noticable noise coming out of the body of the compter - from the hinge, on the left hand side. The lines fade at a certain angle, with the noise still noticable. This leads me to believe theres a problem with the connection, hence the buzzing noise.

I’m pretty angry because of this issue. Now that thing breaks? After 1,5 years of idling - once corona condemned us to home-office it just breaks? What the !&&*?

Thankfully I’m in europe so we’ve got a two year warranty for every product purchased. I only need to file a formal complaint with the shop I bought this machine from and proof that this is an issue that was caused through normal use. Is there anything that would help me with this? Would an authorized technitian confirm that to me? Because: The stupid machine actually never left the desk, shows almost no signs of use and has been carried arround in a padded bag on a maximum of 5 occasions. If this causes internal connections to loosen, it’s just bad design.

Plus: Through a quick research I see the same problem appearing more frequently in forums over the course of the past months. People keep describing the aforementioned issue. I’d say that there’s another design flaw apple has to deal with through a replacement program.

Update (31.03.2020)


I searched the web for the prevalence of this particular error in 2017 15” Macbook Pros.

So far i found these threads:

This thread is dealing with the 13” Version but over the Course of the past months some people with 15” Macbook Pros reported the same issue.

Update (03/31/2020)

Here’s some images and videos with the problem.

Block Image

Block Image

Update (31.03.2020)

Here’s a picture of the screen without lines when not fully opened.

Block Image

Update (31.03.2020)

I’m pretty certain one of the cables connecting the t-con board with the display loosened or broke. The buzzing noise could indicate a short circuit.

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All your Girlfriends share the same laptop?


No! Two of them use linux!


Have you tried using an external display to be sure its the internal is only effected?


Hi Dan,

the picture looks fine when connected to a screen, i also uploaded a picture of the screen without any visible lines when not fully opened.


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Solution retenue

Well not good ;-{

The T-CON is in trouble this is the part that sits inside of the main case. It’s located is a hotter part of the system between the two heat transfer fins of the heat sink. So any blockage in the vents (sides and back) can cause things to overheat.

Block Image

To add to this running heavy video work can saturate the systems cooling system. I do strongly recommend getting a good thermal management app like TG Pro

I’m not sure if you also have a display issue as well.

While you likely didn’t bang the system given what you stated. You may have caused a problem during your cleaning of your displays screen. I’ve seen a few systems damaged by cleaning liquid dripping down into the electrical connections. This is most of the time due to spraying the cleaner onto the glass and then wiping the screen. The better (safer) way is to spray the towel/cloth and then wiping the screen.

In either case the solution is the same replacing the display assembly MacBook Pro 15" Retina (Late 2016-2017) Display Assembly and here’s the guide Remplacement de l'écran du MacBook Pro 15" Touch Bar 2017

Image MacBook Pro 15" Retina (Late 2016-2017) Display Assembly


MacBook Pro 15" Retina (Late 2016-2017) Display Assembly


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Hi Dan,

Thanks for the answer! I already thought it might be the t-con.

I can rule out liquid damage. The Device was only cleaned with a cloth. What about mechanical damage?

Wouldn't a completely defunct t-con always produce the same mistakes, regardless of the opening angle of the display?

I'm asking because with the display almost closed there are no lines visible (see pictures). They'll only appear with the display fully opened that would lead me to the conclusion that the ribbon cable, connecting the t-con could be faulty. Or is that something you could rule out?

I'm asking because of the following reason:

Since I'm located in germany I'm eligable for a free replacement within the first 24 months after purchase if i can proof that a preixisting fault in the machine caused the problem to occur. This EU-Law overwrites the limited warranty of apple as long as the customer is able to provide proof that the hardware must have been faulty.


Here's what I forgot: What leads me to thinking one of the ribbon cables put stress on the t-con is that the problem occured spontaneausly whilst opening the screen. There was no problem at all with it before. No lines, no flickering nothing. We worked with it and after we were done, closed it.


The lines in your first two pics are telling me the T-CON, its also posable the tension of the cables is enough to alter the logic on it in some way. Solid bars are the more common issue with bad ribbon cables. Which is similar to your fourth picture. But! the lack of a signal would have black and the image which crosses it won't be visible at all. The teal color is another clue.

It really doesn't matter as the full display assembly would need to be replaced as both the ribbon cables and the T-CON are hard wired together with the LCD panel its self.


Given the virus has shutdown everything you should call Apple to log your warranty case. Make sure you get a case number so you have it in the system in case it takes too much time to get your system in due to the lockdown.

See if you can ship your system to the repair depot for repairs.


Hey Dan! Thanks for the Info - Great!

I fixed a Date with apple through my reseller to have it replaced under the general EU-Directive of consumer rights. They're going to handle it on monday 16.00 pm. My reseller told me that it appears to be a common issue with the 2017 MBP. If it gets returned unter the beforementioned EU-warranty - i'll be posting it in the thread so you can refer future users with the same problem that they may be eligable for a free repair.


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It appears to be an issue with the built in display.

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[...]This leads me to believe theres a problem with the connection, hence the buzzing noise.[...]


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