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10.1" Android tablet released in June of 2011. Samsung GT-P7510MA

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Power button not working

My galaxy tablet 10.1 with S pen seems to no longer be working with the power button. I first noticed it when it wouldn’t turn off or even go into sleep mode (such as when watching a video app, It used to just go directly to sleep mode/standby). The tablet drained power completely, now it won’t turn on. It shows the battery charging percent meter on the sleep screen. Other than the button (which still moves and feels like it should) not doing its job, the tablet was functioning normally. I have low level skills, and feel like if there was a video on how to do this I would dive right in. Its not doing any good, doing nothing.

My thought is that if I could take the cover off, perhaps I could visually inspect the button, and use a multimeter to test for current across it. Is there anything I could read, watch, try, start, figure out from here? I’ve tried all the button combination holds, what’s next? Thank you

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have you dropped the tablet or anything of that nature


I did. It cracked on the same long side as the power button, but other end at the corner where the S pen is. It fell roughly 4 feet onto concrete. This was about a month before it stopped working, and it was still working normally after until it just stopped.


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Hi @npoleelf87 ,

Here’s a link to the ifixit Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Motherboard Replacement guide.

This will help you to gain access to the Volume and Power button flex cable -example only (see Step.7) so that you can inspect it for any damage or loose connections etc.

If the cable is damaged or faulty, there are other suppliers that may suit you better. Just search for GT-P7510 Power/Volume button flex cable to get results.

I suggest that you also check out the Remplacement de la batterie de la Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 guide so that you know how to disconnect the battery as soon as you have access to it so as to not cause any electrical problems if you accidentally slip while using tools etc when the tablet is open. You don’t have to remove the battery, just disconnect it from the systemboard. Don’t forget to reconnect it after you have found the problem, last thing before before closing the tablet

First rule in electronics testing/repair, battery off first, on last when working on the circuit, unless you have to do “live” testing of course ;-)

Image Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Batterie


Remplacement de la batterie de la Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Difficulté :


20 minutes

Image Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Motherboard


Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Motherboard Replacement

Difficulté :


30 minutes

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