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Windows 10 est une version majeure du système d'exploitation Windows. Elle est sortie en 2015.

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Why is my xbox one controller not working right on windows 10?

i recently bought the adapter to use the xbox one controller on windows 10, however, whenever i try to play a game with the controller, such as rocket legue for example, the movement joystick is veering right and the camera joystick is moving to the left. normally i would think its just since its an oldish controller, but on my xbox one the controller works 100% perfectly. all the drivers and firmware updates are up to date and that was the last solution i could think of. the same problem is still there if i connect the controller through a usb cable. any suggestions for something i could try in order to fix this?

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Sounds like the all too common analog stick failure - 1537 or 1697?

If it’s a 1537, I would just replace the controller - those are not worth fixing since they have SO MANY issues. However, the 1697 is sometimes worth trying as it is a better controller, but relative to the 1708, it’s not great either. You can find replacement sticks on eBay if you feel inclined to try.


I tested a 1708 from someone I have heard drifts on a console that’s ~3 months old with the following setup:

  • Xbox One PC wireless receiver (1713)
  • MSI GL65
  • Windows 10 Home (1909)
  • Xbox One 1708 controller

I did a test where I paired it to my receiver (if it isn’t the same unit, it’s because I bought it when I was a Win7 holdout) and checked it in Game Controller tester. I did this completely blind and didn’t ask questions - I just did it to see if I could get the same results in Windows 10 they get on the Xbox. Furthermore, I’ve seen it on another 1708 of theirs that was fine to me, but I didn’t tell them* and it’s happening on another controller. I’m thinking some of these may be software on the 1708’s at this point, but it’s luck on which one it happens on - I still stand behind my theory behind the 1537/1697 as I’ve dealt with those enough to know it’s a hardware fail.

*Not to get a deal - to avoid bias to see if it was a one off or possibly systemic.

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yeah but the weird part is that it works 100% perfect on xbox and i have no issues with the analog sticks, only once i connect it to my pc. also, the controller is a model 1708 and its still in very good condition so i dont think its a hardware problem. but it might not be a software issue either because i have another cheap, maybe $15 wired controller that connects and doesnt have any drift or anything. also, ive made sure that the wireless controller is all up to date and all the drivers are installed, so im completely out of ideas at this point.


@Novxcaine Now THAT makes it a little more complicated. Be right back with a revision.

Check the revision - I noticed something funky. I even assumed they kept breaking them before this because that's usually been it.


@nick so it’s an internal software thing on the 1708 controller? also, i checked my geforce drivers and i actually did have an update available but i don’t think it was that as the before mentioned wires controller worked. however, i will test it with the fresh drivers when i get home from work tonight and update this with the results.


@Novxcaine It could be. But in the past for me it's been the analog sticks.


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