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Modèle A2159, EMC 3301. Mise à jour du MacBook Pro 13" entrée de gamme. Disponible en Argent et Gris sidéral. Mis sur le marché en juillet 2019.

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Audio clicking/popping sound when audio starts (MacBook Pro 13" 2020)

Hello, I've bought a new Macbook Pro 13" 2020, which I got this Tuesday. I've had some issues with it making a clicking noise every time audio starts. It happens when I start a Youtube video, but I've also tested if it does the same with videos or wav/mp3's on the harddrive and it does. So it's not streaming related or browser.

It's only really noticeable on headphones, but I think it happens on the speakers as well. It's not the headphones, tested with others.

It's a very short, high freq sorta click. It's really annoying. I see other have had the issue with the older 16" 2018, but couldn't find much on this new 13" 2020. Anyone know what could be wrong?

I've tried all the SMC, PRAM, Safe Mode etc.

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Solution retenue

I've been looking for a solution for months and finally developed an app myself!

Here it is on GitHub macClick

It removes the clicking impulse sound and keeps the sound card output busy.

Hopefully it helps others!

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This is great! If you create anything more that helps let us know!


@danj Thanks! Sure!


I downloaded the file, and it solved the issue!

I'm unsure about what "keeps the sound card output busy" actually means, as I'm not very good with technology stuff. I just hope it's safe to have on my laptop.

Anyways, thank you so much!


Thank you!!!!

This has been driving me crazy while editing music and voice overs. I knew it was something to do with transition to/from near silence or no signal, but I had no idea how to solve the problem.


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Apple had acknowledged they had an issue Apple confirms 16-inch MacBook Pro 'popping' sound is software issue.

It was expected to have been fixed in a software update. Are you running the latest OS and updates?

If you are then you’ll need to talk with Apple support to see what they say.

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Just to follow up if anyone has similar issues:

Just called apple. They told me to try different headphones. I use Sennheiser HD 25 and they make the click. Switched over to my beyerdynamic 990 PRO which has no click. So he said it seems to be driver issues with certain headphones and the audio port. Seems to work when you use a minijack to USB-C converter for the headphones.


That makes little sense!

Mini jack connected headphones use the same DAC logic on the systems logic board in the same way (same Apple driver). Apple has been using the same Cirrus Logic CS42L83A DAC chip across their systems for years! But the PCH logic is different per the given series CPU logic.

If you are using a USB connected DAC then the DAC hardware and its drivers come to play. Again, if using the mini jack for the headphones there are no special headphone drivers involved. Only if you have a USB wired headphone would a driver be involved.

So that only leaves the resistive load of the analog line of the headphones which then gets into what the given headphone in question is Vs others, as well as the DAC circuit in the MacBooks logic board if it is in within the accepted standards range.


Aha, not sure why it worked then. Seems very wierd. Could it be something with catatalina and some headphones? I don't know anything about it, so just wild guessing. Purchased a USB-C/Minijack Converter, which should fix it. Hopefully. I have the exact same problem as this guy, if you want it more detailed:

Thanks for helping out.

Edit: Can't be catalina, because it's not a problem on my girlfriends 2013 model running Catalina.

I've used these headphones for years now on my old macbook and never had problems. 1 year ago I bought a 2019 model 13" Macbook Pro, that had the same clicking noise, which i returned because I thought it was defect. So it's weird it happened again now. That's why it made sense to it was the headphones and something the new macbooks that didnt work well together :/ He said they had issues with some AKG as well.


This gets into the driver logic for the Cirrus Logic DAC chip. As each generation of PCH has different requirements. Apples own messing about within its power control logic could also be a factor. So the Cirrus Logic DAC chip is not powered until needed and quickly unpowered.

So while your older Mac's PCH had a working driver for its Cirrus Logic DAC chip, the newer systems PCH need either a new driver of one tweaked for it. Thats what Apple needed to do for the new 16" system.

But, that doesn't explain the difference between the speakers and the headphones! As they are using the exact same analog output from the Cirrus Logic DAC chip. The signal goes to the jack and a switch within the jack then sends the signal back to the speakers when the headphone is plug is not present, otherwise the headphones get the signal.

Which is where the resistive load of the analog part of the circuit is a bit different, and Apple may not have the range as the older systems did. This in my mind is bad engineering of the analog side of the DAC!

And lastly: The click maybe present in the speakers we are just not close enough to hear it!


@danj You were right! Tried again, and heard the click from all the headphones I have. I didn't hear it the first time because I didn't go crazy with it, like one suggests in the forum post I linked. You can do the Alarm sounds and the clicks is very clear. So I'm sorry for misguiding right there. I think you are right, will have to wait until enough people complain (haven't seen many though, which is weird?) like the 16" and they come with a fix in an update. Still unbelievable they did not learn from the 16" with a very similar problem.


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