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Fourth generation wireless keyboard made by Apple. Released in October 2015. Model A1644.

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do you sell individual keys

I am looking for a down arrow key kit for my Magic 2 keyboard model A1644

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Individual keys are hard to come by for any keyboard, especially Apple ones. Your best bet is to purchase a parts keyboard and get the keys from that. Generally speaking, Apple does not just replace missing keys but it can happen if they have a dead keyboard they are going to throw out either way.

Since the keyboards are unrepairable, dead ones are cheap.

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Here's a good source for the key caps and other parts Keycaps, clips and sets for Apple external keyboards


@danj Traditionally I haven't had much luck with that - you usually have to buy a parts keyboard unless you have a old one with problems on hand with what you need. The Magic Keyboard 2 may be new enough a donor is required.


@nick - I've had great luck using these parts patching up both the internal and external keyboards. If the switch element on the logic board is damaged then that's really the end of it.

The Fn/TB butterflies are a different story! I just let Apple have the fun on them!


@danj They probably just replace the whole thing with the butterfly keyboard.


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