Why does my Dell not power on anymore?


I am a user of a Dell Latitude E7440. The last time the laptop powered on was when it was on the power cable, while I was playing Cruise Ship Tycoon on Roblox. Then, suddenly, the screen went black, the power, hard drive and charging lights all went off, the fans stopped, and it didn’t boot up ever again.

I tried a lot of methods, and they don’t work. Does somebody have an idea to fix this?

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Dead main drive? (popping/'cackling' from internals)

Severe case of overheating? (did it run like a furnace)

Blown motherboard component? (was there any burnt or smoky smells?)


No dead main drive, have an M.2 SSD for about 6 months now.

I've had even more severe cases of overheating before, but nothing happened.

I smelled something weird like that. I didn't find a screwdriver yet in my vacation house so I can't open up my laptop yet.


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