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Processeur 1.86GHz ou 2.13 GHz, Flash Storage 128GB ou 256 GB

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upgrading logicboard from 1.86 GHz 2GB to a 4GB

I have a late 2010 MacBook Air 13” 1.86GHz 2GB RAM 128GB Flash Storage. Running OS 10.9.3 (13D65).

Would it be possible to upgrade it to the 1.86GHz 4GB RAM logic board?

Would I have to reinstall the OS if i replace the logic board?

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Sure you can swap out your logic board with 4 GB of RAM

  • 13” MacBook Air Logic board, 1.86GHz, 4GB: Apple P/N 661-5798 - Aprox $180 USD
  • 13” MacBook Air Logic board, 2.13GHz, 4GB: Apple P/N 661-5734 - Aprox $200 USD

Here’s the guide MacBook Air 13" Late 2010 Logic Board Replacement

The OS is on the SSD drive which you’ll transfer to the replacement logic board so you won’t loose anything or need to re-install your OS.

But with what I’ve said here I don’t think this makes much sense given the age of the system and the cost as well as availability of the part. I would strongly recommend looking for a newer used MacBook Air or Pro system as being a smarter investment.

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