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Windows 10 est une version majeure du système d'exploitation Windows. Elle est sortie en 2015.

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Why I cant install some of the windows 10 updates?

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i have somewhat 40 GB space on my hard drive

i can update security updates but i cant install windows 10 upgrades plsss why?????

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The screenshots provide none of any useful information.

Are there any specific error codes if you click into them? Are there anything in the event viewer? Windowsupdate logs or CBS logs?


on the dialogue box it just says what kind of update and that's all


Maybe try clicking into the "failed to install" message?

Otherwise you have to dig through CBS/windowsupdate logs just to find out why, not to mention fixing it.


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Here’s a link that shows what to try when “Feature update 1903” fails to install.

Feature updates are a major update that occur roughly 3 times per year. They are a lot more comprehensive and are a lot bigger than the updates that are rolled out when necessary to solve Win problems either caused by the previous updates or newly discovered security problems.

At the moment the latest Win 10 version is 2004 i.e. feature update year 2020 month 04, whereas you’re having problems trying to install Win 10 1903 i.e. year 2019 month 3. Since then there has been feature update 1909 and now 2004

Here’s how to get Win 10 2004 if you want the latest version installed.

If your system is still Win10 1809 support for it finishes in November 2020.

To check what Win 10 version is installed in the computer go to Settings > System > About > Windows Specifications > Version

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