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Une console de jeux télévisés produite par Sony Computer Entertainements, également connu sous le nom de PS4. Annoncée le 20 février 2013 et lancée sur le marché le 15 novembre 2013.

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Turns on for 3 seconds then turns back off

So I recently got my ps4 fixed (power connector came off the motherboard) I got it back and it was working fine for a day. Today it suddenly turned off and it isn’t coming back on. I’m thinking the re-solder job done on the connector wasn’t done well.

In addition when it was perviously taken in for the fix, one of the thermal pads was lost, the worker said that it could be replaced by a simple piece of plastic, could this also be the cause of a potential overheating? I don’t think it’s the power supply since it was working fine for 4 years, it just wouldn’t make sense for that to be the root of it.

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Most computers and game consoles these days have a safety that will cause them to shut down in the event of overheating. If your PS4 shut down as of it was overheated, the thermal pads can possibly be the reason.

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So what the worker told me was a complete lie? And also do you have any recommendations for good thermal pads. Thank you


@Xsinnombre _38 If the plastic is something cheap knockoff, and if applied unevenly, it can still heat up too much.

Please kindly check out these threads.

What are the measurements of the thermal pads and how many?


Yeah he literally gave me something you would take off the back of a sticker!! Seems like I won’t be visiting that store again. Thanks a lot


@Xsinnombre _38 You're most welcome, I hope you'll fix it and enjoy gaming soon again.


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